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Exceptional service calls for exceptional knowledge

Boost your efficiency with predictive knowledge management

Knowledge Management solution lets you deliver impressive services to customers by ensuring everyone gets the accurate and up-to-date information they need – when, where and how they need it.

Positive service experiences make all the difference. Managing multiple channels and delivering quality-assured and consistent information in each one is a huge challenge, whether on a small business or enterprise level.

Knowledge management solutions take a holistic view of your service to establish intelligent knowledge management across all departments, functions, and communication channels. This lets you reach your service KPIs more efficiently and increase overall satisfaction.

Centralize all your data into a single point of truth and ensure a quick and easy access to quality-assured information

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Quick and easy access to all your company’s information is essential for every call center agent. But it must also be up-to-date and useful.

Policies, pricing and specials change making it critical to ensure customers receive consistent support across all the channels you support.

Contact centers’ data is often spread out among shared drives, shared folders, SharePoint, local files and even post it notes. That is a recipe for bad service.

Keep teams aligned, eliminate redundancy and increase productivity by centralizing all your information in a knowledge base. Agents can spend more time helping customers and less time searching for solutions.

A Platform for Sharing Knowledge in every Customer Service Channel


Give your customers the omnichannel experience they expect

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With the artificial intelligence (AI) Powered Search your customer support staff can always provide information quickly and correctly, even if they were wrong with the search query or if the customer expressed himself vaguely.

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Customers prefer to help themselves before they contact a customer’s service center. But for a customer to have a positive experience, the customer service center needs to ensure that information can be quickly and easily found, is understandable and, above all, remains current and consistent in all channels.

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Chatbots open an additional service channel in customer support services. They can cover many questions about standard issues – round the clock. They also do preliminary work for more complex issues, reducing service staff workload.

Agents as well as customers benefit from a professional knowledge management:

Public / Government

The expanding digitization, the demographic change and the steady increase in subject areas to be dealt with are just some of the challenges the public sector is facing. Our active knowledge management solution supports your agents in increasing the satisfaction of the citizens in your region.


Make sure to provide your clients with immediate and accurate roadside assistance support, whenever, wherever and in whatever language it is needed to increase general brand trust and customer satisfaction/loyalty.


As a service agent in the health sector, giving out inconsistent or even inaccurate information can lead to adverse consequences. Our predictive knowledge management system ensures a quick and uncomplicated delivery of quality-assured facts to your patients.

Knowledge management solution users

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