Faster, personal, and more efficient service

A Knowledge Base powered Knowledge Bot on your Website can provide assistance in a variety of areas. It can be used as a public consultation bot for interactions with customers or by providing company self-services.

Multiple Knowledge Bots can be used independently of each other or can be connected in a robot hub.

Knowledge Bot for more efficiency in customer service

Customer Benefits

  • 1 click to install server

  • Faster reaction time than live chat

  • Easy escalation to a live agent

  • 24/7 support

  • Multi-language Support

Company Benefits

  • Integrates with your knowledge base – No information silos

  • Easy to maintain & Quick to setup

  • Website & social media integration

  • Automates simple processes

  • Reduce first level inquiries & Tickets

Reach your service goals with main Knowledge Bot features:

Unparalleled Editing Speed

Experts for specific areas create and maintain content in a matter of seconds in the extensive editorial system.

Decision Trees

The dialogue designer links questions with solutions. The Chatbot’s predefined moderation never sends customers down a dead end.

AI-powered services that make sense

Our Chatbots draw on AI where it makes sense, not where it sounds good. This enables data-driven services to, for instance, recognize intent and much more.

Take control of multiple bots with a chatbot platform

Combine and coordinate many bots and services on one platform connecting a team of expert bots while still showing one face to the customer.

Never lose sight of your KPIs

Thanks to the reporting dashboard, you and your team never loses sight of KPIs like inquiry success. The bots also recognize content gaps and where they additional solutions are required.

Push messages

With its integrated push function, our Chatbots help users by proactively sending notifications.

Knowledge management solution users

Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Kauno miesto savivaldybė
Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Vokietijos federalinis teisingumo biuras
Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Kelno miestas
Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Vokietijos federalinės vidaus reikalų ministerijos viešųjų pirkimų tarnyba
Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Nestle
Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Volkswagen
Žinių valdymo sprendimo naudotojai - Orlen

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