Leading knowledge management solutions for top customer service

Knowledge Management solutions support your customer service team by delivering the tools it needs to serve customers whenever and wherever they need help.

Automatically ensure agents accurate, up-to-date and quality-assured content at their fingertips. It provides agents with interactive support for guaranteed higher productivity and a better agent and customer experience.

Improve customer & agent experience while reducing operating cost.

Knowledge Management for more efficiency in customer service


  • The right information in the right context delivered for each inquiry

  • Wizards interactively guide support staff

  • Innovative features help keep knowledge up-to-date

  • Intelligent references to frequently used solutions

  • Agent assistance to help your staff


  • Quick and easy help in response to questions and problems

  • Support in their preferred website channel and more

  • Streamlined ticket creation if a suitable answer is not found

  • Web self-service

Reach your service goals with our (main) features:

Dynamic search

Get automatically generated overviews to intuitively find all relevant information about a subject so you quickly find the right document or correct response.

Decision Tree

Interactive, step-by-tep guidance to the right solution. Create one process and deploy it to your agents, customers, chatbots.

Intuitive Editor

Our flexible editing feature and intelligent approval processes allow editors to easily create new articles as well as review existing ones.


With the integrated e-learning tool, quickly and easily train your staff and inform employees about new content.

Multilingual Ready

Easily and clearly provide knowledge in the all necessary languages: Using country or market-specific market-release workflows, create content as uniformly as possible and yet as individually as needed.

Dedicated media server

Easily serve and stream large data volumes, such as videos, images, or PDFs, with an integrated multimedia server in your knowledge base tool.

Quickly and easily integrate our solution into your CRM, CCaaS, ITSM or other existing system

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