Why Intelligent Web Self-Service?

Customers prefer to help themselves before they contact a customer’s service center. But for a customer to have a positive experience, the customer service center needs to ensure that information can be quickly and easily found, is understandable and, above all, remains current and consistent in all channels.

Customers want their questions answered – straightaway, 24/7 and over every communication channel. End customers usually search for information online, but conventional FAQs on websites are often too static, outdated or not tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

The transfer of knowledge and information is simpler today than it has ever been – if, and this is an important if, the basis of knowledge is correct. The basis is the essential thing. If staff is in a position to reliably provide correct information, and this information is harmonized across all channels, the customer and the employee in the customer service center, the back office, or in the technical sales force can access that knowledge and information precisely – and digitalization makes this quick, simple, and available 24 hour a day.

An intelligent web self-service portal it’s a solution that provides your customers step-by-step support on your website and delivers precisely the right information for all their questions. Whether the query is sent from a smartphone, tablet or PC, intelligent self-service quickly and easily provides the exact information according to customers’ needs. This reduces the number of calls on standard issues and gives service staff more time to deal with more complex inquiries. This also boosts efficiency and the quality of customer service.

The web self-service has its own web interface that seamlessly move like a slider over your company website to provide the same look and feel. This means your company website remains untouched, giving the customer service department the necessary independence for the customer care team to respond quickly to market and customer requirements. The web self-service can also be set up as a separate landing page or integrated into the existing company website.

An intelligent web self-service is intuitively easy to use. Customers always receive the key information and answers they need based on where they are currently navigating on the company’s website. Long, fruitless searches become a thing of the past. That means customers receive immediate notification, and the customer support service center can proactively avoid a deluge of calls.

The web self-service with a vision

  • Information provided dynamically

  • Easy and intuitive to use

  • Content derived from a centralized knowledge base

For your customer service

  • Reduced workload thanks to fewer calls

  • Fewer repeat questions on standard issues

  • More time for particularly challenging inquiries

  • Ability to rapidly respond to current issues, such as problem reports

  • Easy implementation

  • Reduced customer service and support costs

  • Look and feel that matches your corporate design

  • Directly integrated service knowledge on the corporate website

For your customers

  • Ideal service with little or no effort required

  • Dynamic information is provided to reflect current needs and events

  • Intelligent and powerful search that delivers rapid results

  • Compelling service experience thanks to ease of use

  • High-quality service whenever needed (24/7)

  • Optimized interaction that enhances customers loyalty